Shah Rukh Khan NO LONGER piece of Saare Jahaan Se Achcha

Indeed, even before the arrival of Zero, we had uncovered that Shah Rukh Khan was to play the lead in the film titled Salute, which was later renamed as Saare Jahan Se Achha. The enthusiastic title of the film was said to grandstand the voyage of Air Force pilot turned space traveler Rakesh Sharma. In any case, the news is that the whiz is never again doing the film.

In spite of the fact that the correct explanation behind SRK venturing down from the task is as of now obscure, our sources express that the genius isn’t enthused about doing the Rakesh Sharma biopic now of time in his profession. “Shah Rukh as of late met with the producers of the film and they have chosen to genially go separate ways. After Zero’s execution, Shah Rukh is by all accounts reevaluating his tasks and route forward,” said the source. Starting at now, there has been no official articulation that has been issued in regards to the hotshot’s exit yet it is being said that the Khan is almost certain about his choice of stopping the film.

Then again, let us reveal to you that Saare Jahaan Se Achha was at first offered to Aamir Khan. The last mentioned, be that as it may, couldn’t do the film since he is occupied with his most aggressive film by a wide margin, Mahabharata. Actually, Aamir himself had proposed SRK to think about the content, after which SRK went ahead board for the venture. Be that as it may, the last has now left the venture. On the off chance that sources are to be trusted, the creators are presently excited about marking a more youthful star for the film as they are extremely sure about the content. “The makers are presently prone to approach an on-screen character from the more youthful age, as Rakesh was all of 35 when he went into space,” includes the source.

It will intrigue see who will in the long run be going ahead board for this space dramatization. Presently that Shah Rukh Khan has left the venture, it is additionally to be seen which undertaking will grab the eye of this whiz, who is yet to declare his next film.


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